Why Does The Furnace Keep Shutting Off And Back On

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Why Does The Furnace Keep Shutting Off And Back On

There is usually a sense of distress when you realize something isn’t quite right with your furnace. You wonder why does the furnace keep shutting off and back on? There are several items you can check when you notice that your furnace seems “short cycling”.

Check the air filter in your furnace.

  • You may think that they are only used to help keep the air inside your home cleaner, but the filters also work to keep your system clean. Your first step should be checking your air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. If it’s clogged or dirty, it can make it hard for air to flow over the heat exchanger (see #4). This typically is the number one answer to why does the furnace keep shutting off and back on.

Look at your thermostat.

  • You may have set your thermostat months ago and forgot about it, particularly when using a smart or programmable thermostat. Look at your thermostat to see if anything unfamiliar is occurring. It may need new batteries. The site of your thermostat could make a difference, as well. If it’s located in a place that’s usually hotter than the rest of your house, it could be falsely reading your homes desired temperature.

Check out your windows for proper insulation.

  • If your home doesn’t have the right insulation, your furnace is likely to shut off more often. Walk around your home and check the windows to make sure they are all closed. Look at the seals around your windows for any drafts or cold air entering the home.

Heat exchanger is overheating.

  • A common reason a furnace short cycles is because the heat exchanger is getting too hot due to a lack of airflow. Once the heat exchanger overheats, it trips the high limit switch, which shuts the furnace down to protect it.

While you can review these issues on your own, Grogg’s Home Services stands ready to help. When your furnace is consistently turning off, it can lead to unnecessary work and stress on your system that could cause pricey repairs or even a replacement.

Grogg’s Home Services is happy to help you examine the situation and identify the root of the cause. We want you to enjoy the rest of the season with the optimum indoor comfort. If you have questions, give us a call at 844-4GROGGS or use our online form to request an appointment.