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Energy Saving Tip

Attic Insulation - Parkersburg & Surrounding Areas

Want to make a home upgrade that will begin providing an immediate return on investment? Consider replacing your attic insulation. This is an energy saving tip that will give you some biggest benefits out of all of your home projects. You may be concerned about the upfront cost, but in 3-6 years, most homes will have it paid off and you can enjoy big savings on your energy bill.

Keeping the Heat and Cold Out of Your Attic

The importance of adequate attic insulation cannot be stressed enough. The attic is a very easy place for the heat to escape as it rises during the winter and for heat to penetrate during the summer when your AC unit is struggling to keep your home cool. With new, professionally installed attic insulation, your home can become more energy efficient and make your attic a more comfortable place to be.

Attic Insulation Installation

Widely considered to be the best insulation materials, blown cellulose and fiberglass are two of the most popular materials applied to the attic. Before these are applied, you should have your insulation checked for asbestos if it was installed before 1990.

The more economical cost for existing homes is usually blown insulation. Of course, your costs will vary greatly depending on your unique attic layout, size of your home and other factors but this is generally true.

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