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Air Purification

Clean Air - Parkersburg & the Surrounding Areas

Grogg’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers a range of affordable air purification and indoor air quality services including:

The Threats of Poor Indoor Air Quality

The air you’re breathing is probably more polluted than the outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the level of pollution indoors can be 100 times higher than outdoor air! Coupled with the fact that most people spend over 90% of their time indoors means you are most likely continuously exposed to polluted air.

Do you know the risks? According to the American College of Allergist, around half of all illnesses originate from polluted indoor air, which is a high risk for you and your family.

Grogg’s Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help with air purification options. We can reduce pollutants that can cause or contribute to symptoms such as fatigue, headache and lung irrigation. We can also help you prevent long-term conditions such as allergies, asthma and infectious diseases.

A Few Indoor Air Quality Facts

With people spending up to 90% of their time indoors, the average exposure to airborne contamination is pretty considerable.

Here are a few things you might not know about the quality of your air:

  • HVAC systems are a hotbed for mold and bacteria growth if not properly maintained.
  • The average person inhales over 3,500 gallons of air every day, with children inhaling more particles for their size than anyone else.
  • 94% of all respiratory problems are due to polluted air.
  • The amount of Americans diagnosed with asthma is 31 million. One-third of those diagnosed are those under 18 years of age.
  • One ounce of dust can contain about 40,000 dust mites.
  • Up to 15% of the entire population has a cat or dog dander allergy.
  • 700,000 skin flakes are shed each day per person

Indoor Air Pollutants

Are you familiar with the three types of indoor air pollutants? They are particulates, microbials and gases. Here’s a quick comparison so you know what your indoor air quality product is targeting. As a general rule in the IAQ industry, we say if it’s alive, it needs to be killed. If it’s dead, it needs to be trapped.


Particulates are simply tiny particles that are suspended in air. Common ones include dust, residential pollen, dust mites, dander (skin flakes) and smoke. The size range of particulate diameters are anywhere from 0.001 to 1,000 microns. On the larger end is where the particles are no longer airborne.


Microbes are mold, spores, viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi. While tiny, these microbes have the capacity for serious damage to living organisms. That includes humans and pets. Lingering viruses spread illnesses such as the flu or common cold. Mold can also be dangerous allergen, causing extensive building damage and infections in the body.


Manufacturers use chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, chloroform, formaldehyde and benzene in the production of everyday household items such as insect sprays, hair sprays, insulation, cabinets, carpet and furniture. These chemicals give off gasses that linger in your home.

Ultra Violet Lights

Grogg’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers solutions such as ultra violet (UV) light options to purify your indoor air.

Did you know that the most effective air purifier is natural sunlight? It is simulated in our UV air purifiers to inhibit the growth and reproduction of viruses, fungi, mold and germs.

We mount these UV lights inside your air duct system. This is because your dark, damp duct system is one of the major places that germs grow and circulate.

Want to know more about our indoor air quality options or get your air purifier now? Call us today!