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Furnace Service For Parkersburg, Clarksburg & Surrounding Areas

Grogg’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers furnace and heating services including:

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What is AFUE?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is used to describe how efficient a furnace is.

Higher AFUE ratings correspond to a higher energy efficiency. This translates to a lower energy bill. The AFUE compares the amount of heat your furnace is producing to the amount of fuel that the furnace is spending.

So if a furnace has an 80% AFUE rating, it means that 80% of the supplied fuel goes to heating your home. The other 20% is typically might be lost from the chimney. An older furnace may only perform at 60% efficiency. Modern-day furnaces are capable of reaching up to 98% AFUE ratings!

Modulating vs. Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage:

Modulating Technology works a lot like the cruise control in your car. Small adjustments are constantly made so that the system runs at a smooth pace. It's fuel efficient and avoids the lurches of rapid acceleration and deceleration.

There is only one mode on a Single-Stage system.. To keep with the car analogy, It’s either constant acceleration or none at all.

A Two-Stage system has two heat inputs. The comfort is greater than single-stage heat, but not as quality of an option as modulation technology.

Fixed Speed vs. Variable Speed:

A variable speed motor uses less energy than standard systems that use fixed speed motors. Variable speed systems also reduce hot and cold spots by balancing temperatures, and they also provide humidity control from the continuous airflow.

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