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Sump Pump

Sump Pump Service in Parkersburg & Surrounding Areas

A sump pump is a simple device designed to pump water away from your home and keep your basement water-free. While it may be a simple device, it is an extremely important one that stands between you and a flooded basement, water damage and the loss of personal possessions. Needless to say, sump pumps are an absolutely integral part of your plumbing system.

A bad float or switch is all it takes to ruin your beautifully finished basement. The licensed, trained and trusted plumbers at Grogg’s plumbing are capable of checking all of the components of your sump pump to ensure that it is operating correctly. Grogg’s plumbers can also install battery backups and water alarms to add another layer of protection to keep water from entering your home.

Whether you are in need of sump pump service or a brand new sump pump, Grogg’s plumbers are the plumbers to call. We have everything on our trucks necessary to complete your repair right away, and you’ll be surprised by the affordability of our plumbing services.

Consider Maintenance For Future Protection

Since sump pumps spend much of their life submerged in water, it is all the more critical that they are checked regularly and maintained. Grogg’s offers a plumbing maintenance plan to do just that along with attention to the rest of your plumbing system. Learning about issues before they get out of hand is key to money savings and maintaining an optimally-functioning system.