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HVAC Zoning

Zoned Comfort Control in Clarksburg, Parkersburg & Surrounding Areas

Are temperatures uneven in your home? Do you have some rooms of your house that are too hot while others are too cold? If so, an Aprilaire Zone Comfort Control system can help. Just as you wouldn’t control all the lights in your house with one switch, using one temperature control for your entire house isn’t a good idea for money savings either. With individual zones, you can save money and increase comfort in each area of your home.

The temperature reading on your thermostat only applies to the immediate area around your thermostat. Mismatched areas can cause discomfort for yourself and your family. Different temperature preferences can start thermostat wars. Since heat rises, the upstairs area is usually warmer than the downstairs area. The coolest air will settle in the basement. South-facing windows let in a lot of heat while winds blowing from the north can cause areas to feel too cool.

Most of today’s home design actually make the problems worse. Lofts, finished basements, glass expanses and cathedral or vaulted ceilings can all cause dramatic temperature variations from room to room. With all of this in mind, a lone thermostat is a poor method on its own for total home comfort.

Let Grogg’s help you control specific temperature needs, save money and increase comfort with the Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system.

What is Zoned Comfort Control, or HVAC Zoning?

The system that we recommend, Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control, uses multiple thermostats to operate dampers in your HVAC system. As needed, heated or cooled air is dispersed into specific rooms.

By installing this system, you can be assured you will achieve total indoor comfort. There is minimal ongoing service, and we can help you as time goes on if you want to switch your zones.

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