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Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

Prepare Your Chimney For the Winter in the Parkersburg Area

Relax by a nice, warm fire this winter season in the Mid-Ohio valley while remaining safe with these tips from Grogg’s.

Creosote Buildup

If you notice a dark, tar-like substance inside of your chimney, it is probably creosote. Creosote builds up over time in chimneys and poses a threat if not cleaned regularly. It is likely to form when the temperature of fireplace is much warmer than the chimney. The risk of a chimney fire increases with its presence. Let a professional from Grogg’s inspect the interior of your chimney to help you identify its presence and take action if necessary.

Seasoned Wood

If you’re using just any wood for your fireplace, consider the risks. Moisture buildup and creostate can build up much more quickly with unseasoned wood. Seasoned wood that has been dried for at least six months, appear cracked on the ends and burn without releasing any steam are the way to go.

Ash Buildup

Ashes should be removed after every fire when cooled and disposed of safety to avoid their reignition. This is not always possible, so aim for at least once or week or before an inch of ash has accumulated.

Chimney Caps

Your chimney cap should have protective screening for pests and should be structurally sound. If not, critters looking for refuge and fallen branches may make their way inside your chimney. You can also help keep out intruding items by trimming nearby branches.

Cold and Smoky Airflow Problems

If there is a large temperature difference between the outdoor air and your chimney, something called the “stack effect” or “chimney effect” may occur. This happens when the warm air inside your chimney is overtaken by cold outdoor air. Most of the time, this airflow issue is caused by an installation error or as a result of the chimney’s structure. However, it can be reduced with proper insulation and sealing.

Annual Inspections

It’s a good idea for your safety to have your chimney inspected at least once a year. If you notice anything suspicious, give the Grogg’s chimney team (formerly Kelling Chimney Service) a call. We help the Mid-Ohio Valley stay safe and warm in the winter.

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