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Smart Vents or Zoning?

Which is Best? | Parkersburg, Clarksburg & Surrounding Areas

Smart Home HVAC products are a growing trend. Just a few of the many advantages include higher energy efficiency, seamless integration and easy installation. But despite what some advertisers may have you believe, some of the claims for these products are simply not true.

The “Smart Vents” Zoning Method

Supposedly, “smart vents” are effective at cutting excess heating and cooling costs that are wasted on unused areas of the home. There are a few of these products on the market that connect to your thermostat and are able controlled this way. Zones are set, and each vent’s sensors communicate with the system. These sensors detect if the area is being used, and airflow is redirected as is deemed necessary.

The Myth of Closed Vents as a Zoning Method

It sounds logical, right? Unfortunately, closing off unused areas is not advised by professionals. While it seems like an obvious energy saver, it’s actually not.

The problem lies with how your home’s HVAC system is designed. Your system is sized to fit the full area of your home, without closed vents. This is the most efficient way to run your heating and cooling. So when a room or more is cut off, you are actually losing efficiency.

Major problems can occur if vents are shut off to restrict heating or cooling. Air that is trapped in the ducts can cause your air conditioner to freeze up or your furnace to overheat.

Approved Zoning Methods

So what is the best way to zone? Grogg’s recommends a whole-home zoning system, preferably from Honeywell or Aprilaire for quality assurance. This zoning system will work with your heating/cooling system instead of fighting it by closing vents. The technology behind it consists of thermostats, dampers and a zoning panel. Using this network, this zoning system allows you to control independent temperatures in each zone.

Why is a Whole-Home Zoning System Preferred?

You’ll see better results with a whole-home zoning system. It will work better with your existing HVAC equipment. Airflow will still be optimal when you are using zone dampers. These dampers make sure air goes to the right areas of your home. They also avoid pressure buildup with a closed-vent system and help to prevent damage to your system.

Customized Zoning

We can help design a zoning system that works with the efficiency challenges of your home as well as your personal comfort preferences.

A smart vent will not be this customizable.

Smart Zoning Methods

If you want smart zoning, at the end of the day, it’s achievable with certain products. Today’s innovative technology includes wireless panels and components, automated zone dampers and small, dedicated zone thermostats.

Save Energy With Traditional Zoning Methods

Homeowners can expect to save an average of about 30% on their annual heating and cooling costs. You can get the most out of your zoning system by programming accurate setback schedules, being diligent about seasonal changes and using programmable thermostats effectively.

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