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Window Replacement

DIY or Job For the Pros? - Parkersburg & Surrounding Areas

So you’re handy around the house. Maybe you’ve done a few DIY painting, tiling or other home projects, and you’re feeling confident about a new undertaking. However, window replacement is something that you probably want to reconsider if you’re thinking about trying it yourself. You might be able to save a few dollars upfront, but the true cost will come back to haunt you.

Why Window Replacement is Best Left to the Pros

Window replacement seems like a straightforward job, but the job is a little more complicated than what meets the eye. There are many factors to consider to ensure your window installation goes according to plan, including:

  • Window fit into the casing
  • How the new window works with the existing cutout
  • What adjustments are needed to the cutout, with attention to your home’s angles and structures

What seems to be a simple solution can reveal itself to be much more in the middle of your replacement. Take addressing moisture issues for example. You might have noticed beads of water inside your home and would like to make a quick replacement. However, upon taking those old windows out, you could notice additional problems such as a rotted frame and mold, just to name a couple. An emergency fix from a professional is going to cost you more.

Your window replacement could also be much more straightforward than this, however, it still takes a lot of skill and time to do it right. A professional window installer does this work everyday and makes the process as efficient as possible. The sheer amount of time you will save is priceless.

Grogg’s offers window options that are energy efficient and come with bonus features such as soundproofing. However, these perks are not able to be enjoyed with an improper installation. The entire purpose of your replacement job may be defeated this way.

Odds are, a DIY window replacement will throw you with an unexpected challenge, which leaves you disappointed with your new window. But a professional installer can help you get everything that was advertised.

Home upgrades are investments, and with the right investment come a warranty. It’s all too easy to have your warranty voided because of an improper installation, so just leave the job to the professionals!

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