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Difference Between Fuse and Circuit Breaker

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Here is the Difference Between a Fuse and Circuit Breaker

It is the function of both fuses and circuit breakers to prevent short-circuits and overloads. They both disrupt electrical currents that can cause these major problems. However, fuses are outdated and a less desirable option. They are only intended to be used one time. They melt and cannot be used again. A circuit breaker, on the other hand, can be used many times and simply has to be reset.

Circuit breakers are preferable to fuses for many reasons other than their ability to be reused. They can also handle the demands of modern-day electronics with much more ease. A fuse trying to handle the same amount of current can pose a fire hazard. You might also find that you are being denied insurance coverage for your home if you still have fuses. For these reasons, if your home still has a fuse panel, consider an electrical panel upgrade.

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